Gigabit Passive Optical Networking
Gigabit Passive Optical networking (GPON) is an all

fiber local area network (LAN) architecture that

operates on a gigabit passive (unpowered) optical

network. GPON is a leading alternative to the traditional

LAN network that enables architects and engineers to

increase the use of eco-friendly materials, reduce

energy consumption, and significantly lower costs

associated with traditional LANs, all while delivering

1GB to the desktop. Infiniti Technologies, Inc. is a

premier installer of GPONs in the United States.


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The Benefits of POL Architecture

  • Lower total cost of ownership - Savings range from 34%-68%.

  • Enables "Green IT" with tremendous reduction in enterprise wide power and space consumption; power savings range from 40%-60%.

  • Enables space savings - Telecommunication closets can be eliminated from floor designs due to the 20km distance between the aggregation switch and the work group terminal.

  • Reduction in non-renewable materials - It is estimated that 8000 pounds of plastic and copper can be saved in a building with 4000 Ethernet ports by using POL compared to Cat 6.

  • Converged network - The same fiber infrastructure can be used to carry the cable video service, eliminating the need for a separate coax network in the building.

  • Higher life expectancy of fiber infrastructure - 25 years vs. 10-15 years for copper.

  • Lower management costs

  • Highly secure LAN infrastructure



Going Green with Telco-Friendly Passive Optical LAN (POL)

Today's architects and building contractors are concerned with

increasing the use of renewable resource building materials

while decreasing reliance on petroleum-based products in new

and renovated construction. Strategies for improving energy

efficiency, reducing C02 emissions, improving indoor

environmental quality and protecting the natural resources of

the world have become so important in construction that

internationally-recognized professional organizations are

now administering certifications in this new field.


To address these concerns, architects are constantly looking

for opportunities to reduce electricity usage and fuel

consumption, increase air quality, and use more eco-friendly

materials in building construction. These concerns don't stop

at construction. The low-voltage communication and control

systems that include local area networks for voice, data, and

video delivery are key opportunities for realizing substantial

improvements in energy conservation.


Passive Networks

GPON provides enterprises with fiber optic connectivity to any

Ethernet end point such as end user devices, access points and

wireless controllers and printers. GPON greatly simplifies the

enterprise LAN by replacing copper-based cables and devices

in the traditional LAN setting with fiber optic equipment. POL

networks consist of a high density aggregation device in the

main telecommunication room that delivers converged services

over a Passive Optical Network (PON) that extends to the

desktop or cubicle and terminates at a Work Group Terminal

(WGT). The WGT provides 100/1000/BaseT Ethernet

connectivity to desktop equipment such as desktop computers,

laptops, voice-over-IP phones, and video phones using regular

copper patch cords. POL uses a single strand single mode fiber

optic to the WGT. Which means the WGT can be as far as

20km from the aggregation device alleviating the concern of

designing telecommunication closets every 300 feet on a floor.

GPON uses small passive fiber optic splitters which are placed

in enclosures in a building, usually at every floor, although

theoretically they could be anywhere or just at the main room.

Therefore, it is truly a Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON)

which requires no power, produces no heat, and can even be

installed in electrical closets.

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